Thought Twenty-Two: Bits and Pieces

My mind cant focus on one particular thing, so this is a random mash up of the mush sloshing around in my brain cells right now.

First, I should really write more in this blog. I apologize if anyone actually reads this for the scarcity of blog posts. I know when I read other peoples blogs that I admire, I often mentally admonish them for not writing more often, yet here I am, slacking on my own little corner of the world. No excuses or anything, life just takes over. I really need an avenue of expression though, so Im glad this thing is still relatively alive and kicking.

SO, where am I at? Well, my weight and fitness are ok, although I’ve slacked off recently. Ive peaked at around half marathon distance, long runs on my own are a little dull, plus the winter has dragged. on. forever.

(Just weighted myself after writing that. Around 5 pounds up…186…not bad, not good either. Must focus next week) Im struggling with focus on the runs, and subsequently my distance, stamina and endurance goes down, making the runs harder, and less enjoyable, in a feedback loop.

Montreal has this trick of lulling you into a false sense of security, year in, year out, without fail. The snow stops, the temperature rises, and finally the city breathes a sigh of relief and people start to explore the streets again. Women break out the short skirts, in defiance of the snow and ice. A delicious torture for the single man. A week of milder temperature, and ‘this is it’ you think, ‘finally, the end to winter’.

Then, of course, winter returns. The snow is back, the temperatures dip below zero, just to say HA to the people wishing it away, and we are back with the layers of clothes.

My winter total is two colds, and two falls, twice the seasonal average, although one fall was in my running gear, which was to be expected eventually. I know I will fall at least once every winter, no matter what precautions I take, short of wearing mountain climbers spikes everywhere (and trust me, it has crossed my mind occasionally) The second cold, however, is annoying, and I got it because of the pendulum-like swing between winter and spring recently.

I am currently visa-less (technically an ‘implied status’ meaning that it is ‘implied’ that my papers are signed and legal, although it is in the middle of being processed.) I expect a decision around the middle to end of April, maybe later, who knows. If everything goes ok (and you never really know) then my new visa is with new employers, the same category visa (a temporary worker) but with a longer contract, perhaps up to 4 years (depending on the government again).

Work is generally ok, if not a little hectic. MY equipment and techniques are finally improving, with a cash injection from my mother, and an improved financial intake over xmas and the beginning of the year, I have invested almost everything I made back into upgrading my PC and my camera gear. My PC wasnt by choice, almost every component has died over time, needing upgrade. FInally I have dragged it kicking and screaming up to date-ish.

My camera setup is decent , still could use a bunch of extra items, but my quality of work has defiantly improved. Filming and editing, all interesting. My years of nerdy studying on forums and websites and opinions has finally started paying off. Theres a long way to go, but I appreciate the opportunity to be creative and utilize it as a career. I need to try and devote time to personal projects again though in order to properly indulge and improve.

My photography, sadly, has stalled. A mixture of other things taking priority, and the fact I lost my muse an age ago means that I havent been clicking the shutter anywhere near as much as I could do.

Speaking of my muse, shes married, almost finished her masters degree, living in New York. What was once my world is now another universe.

I guess that leads my on to my love life, or lack-of-love life. Onto another dry spell. I have withdrawn from social networking sites somewhat, due to frustration. I joined OKCupid for a while, and attempted to form connections there. My last was around a year ago, maybe more, its hard to be sure, to be honest Ive lost a sense of time about that.

1am. -10 centigrade on a cold clear night. My mind wanders. Where is she?

Now Im caught up with myself again I will try to keep this thing more regularly up…but no promises.