Thought Twelve: Love

10 Things I love:

I love the way my cat sleeps under my arm, next to me when I go to sleep.

I Love the ‘a-HA’ moment when Im creating. That flash of inspiration, the breakthrough on something. The longer the struggle before the moment, the more satisfying the breakthrough becomes.

I love being listened to, interacted with, appreciated for my presence. A glass of red wine and a small group of friends gathered in intelligent conversation.

I love the moments before orgasm. The edge of self control, and the point of no return. White noise in your head.

I love it when things work the way they should, when a day goes past when I get things done, when Im on time and everything works out.

I love the things that stick in my head without warning, the stuff that gets left behind. One day, I was on a bus in the UK, and the bus driver pulled over to the side of the road and stopped for a minute or two and pointed out a beautiful rainbow to all the passengers on the bus, and nobody minded at all. Those kind of random moments. At the time, I didnt consciously go ‘I will always remember this moment’ and yet, there it is, stuck in my head, in its own little corner of my memory.

I love the moments when Im DJing and you have the entire crowd there with you, in a moment of time. You have taken this moment and crafted it, developed it, lined it up, built up to it, a single focussed moment of joy and love and release, and they are there, with you, in the moment, sharing it. The entire crowd is yours. It doesnt happen often, but the rush is worth it.

I love being naughty. Breaking the rules. Top shelf magazines when youre a teenager, dark alleyways, doing something your mother wouldnt approve of. (Although my mother approves of way too many things, so finding something was difficult)

I love the little moments of the day, those inner ‘punch the fist in the air’ moments where things work out for you against the odds. A little momentary shift in the way of the universe to put things in your favour, even from an observers point of view.

I love being loved.