The Sky and the Ground are One

IMG_20140422_110015A grey day. The kind of day where the concrete has more texture than the skies, but they meet in perfect tone and hue at the horizon. A run. I have yet to run for an extended period of time without breaks, which is a frustration, but it is early days, and the body is oh-so-against-me.

This will improve over time, and time is what I have. Or rather, time is what I will give myself. The winter came with work, and work was my excuse to lose the time I needed. There wasn’t much needed to tilt the scales in the favor of inactivity…the winter was long, and my momentum for flinging myself outside was in rapid decline.

The upside was that work was taken care of, and the winter was unexpectedly busy.

Speaking of winter (ha, segway!) I just watched the Winter Soldier (Captain America). Not bad. A little wordy and stop-start for my taste, and I miss the aesthetics of the WW2 style they had in the first film, but a pretty decent movie.