Let It Go

And I sure did.

The last year hasn’t been particularly kind to me, in a number of ways, but in the case of this post, how I have treated myself.

I have gone from marathon running and triathlon prep-ready, to overweight, lumbering, unhappy. Gah.
There is a laundry list of excuses, but I can’t rely on them, even though some of them may be valid reasons. I basically just gave up on myself a bit. The long winter lulled me into inactivity, and I surrounded myself with comfort food.

Anyway, sloth no more.

The bike is in the shop for its annual tune-up, so next week I will have it back, and can begin my island explorations again. Theres a free indoor pool not two blocks from me, which I have explored a bit, and apparently an outdoor one close by. I started running again.

So, in short, a summer season of fitness again. Got to reclaim my body and get back in control. It becomes harder the older you get, but it’s a useful project. If my time in Montreal is to come to an end a year from now, then I have a year to get my shit together and get in shape, and even if not, it’s a good goal to aim for. The diet has begun.

I have taken shaming pics of my naked body, but I am not subjecting myself to putting them online. Not this time. I may post before/after comparisons, however, once I have something to show. Anyway, 210 pounds up, time to let it go.