6 Months In…

Well, here we are. 6 months down, to the day. I was saying I didnt want this to be a fitness blog, so most likely this is my last direct post on the matter, or at least the last post only discussing this. I am down to my target weight, in fact, just under it. I use my new ‘maximum’ weight level as 180lbs, meaning thats what I dont want to go over. Im currently around 178lbs. Thats 34 pounds lost. I have been down as much as 36 pounds, usually after a long run. Speaking of running, I invested heavily on winter running gear….can hardly believe it, but Im prepared to be running in snow, throughout the insane Montreal winters. Im currently over half way through my marathon running training. Yes, thats right, training for a full marathon. I just ran 15 miles last week, over a half marathon distance. My time isnt great, 2 hrs 35 mins for a half marathon, to think that the worlds best run a full marathon 30 mins quicker than I run a half:)

But…Im doing it. Im out there, running. I track my runs, track my weight. Im probably as thin as I have been since, well, forever. I still have a chunky belly, fat I would like to work on. As I have said before, I want the second 6 months to focus on sculpting, lowering my body fat, making myself a little more shapely. But heck, considering, I can look at myself in the mirror now without despair. My ongoing goal is to get down to around 170…that would be around what I weighted when I was 19, and should get rid of my stomach. I dont even know if I can get that far, especially if I build any muscle, it will increase weight, but to lower my body fat would be good. Im on the verge of being in my weight range, not even medically overweight, but im right on the upper edge. I would like to be more in towards a comfortable central zone….but again, we will see what happens. I wear a loose size 34, havent tried, but Im pretty sure I can get into a size 32 again, which is where I was in my 20s. It feels good, I have to say. Gives me a little confidence boost. Im still single, but thats a whole other story, but I can face myself with a little pride. All things considered, I might be able to run a marathon distance next year, and beyond. The distance doesnt hold any fear from me now. Its just a question of conditioning and distance.

As far as my health, my weight, and the confidence it brings, the future is looking up.