4 Months In…


4 months in, 25 pounds later, same towel, same box sized room, same expressionless face, but thats me. Ok, Im not buff, not chiseled adonis-style body, stomach still painfully noticable, but im getting there. Im 4 months into my 6 month exploration, again, Im trying to avoid the words ‘diet’ and ‘exercise’, its a change of lifestyle. Actually, a thought crossed my head a little while ago, I really cant go back to what I was, I cant slip into the old habits. I can slip up from time to time, cheat, be lazy, but I cant, wont go back.

Im currently 187-ish pounds, 6 tantalizing pounds away from being medically in my weight range. Yes, I know its an arbitrary figure, that its just a number in a medical journal somewhere, but it means a lot to me. 181 pounds is the theoretical finish line for me. Thats not to say I will stop there, I would like to be at least 10 pounds under that amount, but I dont even know if thats possible, for now, 181 pounds is my focus. Its the tipping point, medically I am no longer ‘overweight’ which is a stigma in itself. I havent been this weight for years, perhaps longer.

I have gone from a 38 to 34 jeans size, I’d like to end up a 32, like in my university days (we are talking about when I was 19, so that might be a bit too ambitious)

I can now jog for 8 miles, 1 hr 24 mins, an almost impossibly long amount of time, considering I struggled to jog 30 seconds 4 months ago, and Ive never jogged past around 20-30 mins straight, let alone an hour plus.

I have this annoying voice in the back of my head that is whispering (marathon…maaaarathon…) and once that voice starts, its kinda hard to ignore it. Running distance isnt easy, and to be honest, right now I dont find it much fun…its more of an entertainment issue, finding something to fill my mind and the time commitment thats an issue…..still, I just cant shut that voice up. Not only that, but I’d like to run Boston marathon qualifying time, which is, in itself, a major challenge. 3hrs 15 mins for my age range, which translates to a 7.25 mile, that doesnt sound too bad until you consider, at my maximum heart attack pace, I ran 8.40 ish, and I can barely sustain that over 2 or 3 miles, let alone 26. Still, when I consider how far I have come…..

I need to work on my cardio also, need to work out frequently. It will help my stamina on long runs, and burn more calories. Thats fallen by the wayside for a month or more, the longer I have run, the more that has replaced the cardio, but I need to get into the habit of that, to burn the fat on my stomach.

Im not trying to pat myself on the back here (well, maybe a little), just stating the process. I marvel at what the human body is capable of doing, and I am looking to explore that more in the days and weeks to follow. The idea from day 1 was this 6 month experiment, to see what I can achieve, and get out of my body in that space of time….I would like to continue that, in the second 6 months, to see if I can start to shape and sculpt my body, to see if I can get it into a more desirable shape. Im not sure if I have the commitment for that, but with about 7 weeks left of phase 1, now my goal is reaching that ‘normal’ weight range, and going from there. Wish me luck.