Hot and Cold. There are people that thrive in one condition, and tolerate the other condition. In my experience, few people enjoy both extremes. As for myself, I can bear being ‘too hot’, but find little to enjoy in being ‘too cold’. Canada, at least around this end, is certainly a country of four seasons. […]


Disgusting image! Yeah! Woo! That is 1lb of fat. I lost a little over 4 of those in the last 7 days. Thats the equivalent of half a healthy baby….or 15-20 medium sized potatoes. The thing is…the human body can fluctuate up to 5lbs in any given day…water weight, time of day…etc etc….and the beginning […]

The Sky and the Ground are One

A grey day. The kind of day where the concrete has more texture than the skies, but they meet in perfect tone and hue at the horizon. A run. I have yet to run for an extended period of time without breaks, which is a frustration, but it is early days, and the body is […]

The Start

First 3 days of the diet and exersize. Urgh. Headaches during the first couple of days. Unavoidable. Body is switching from comfort food, crappy snacks, junk food, to something more natural. Or perhaps just another kind of artificial. Who knows these days… First bodyweight/sandbag/kettlebell workout yesterday for….well, months and months. Way too long. Body doesn’t […]

Let It Go

And I sure did. The last year hasn’t been particularly kind to me, in a number of ways, but in the case of this post, how I have treated myself. I have gone from marathon running and triathlon prep-ready, to overweight, lumbering, unhappy. Gah. There is a laundry list of excuses, but I can’t rely […]

Thought Twenty-Three: Lets Go Running

Strange things happen during a run. There have been books, documentaries, endless reams of documentation about running, the art of running, the loneliness of a long distance runner, etc, so I wont attempt to top those respected works, but I thought I would take you on a run with me, while it is fresh in my head, […]

6 Months In…

Well, here we are. 6 months down, to the day. I was saying I didnt want this to be a fitness blog, so most likely this is my last direct post on the matter, or at least the last post only discussing this. I am down to my target weight, in fact, just under it. […]

4 Months In…

Yup. 4 months in, 25 pounds later, same towel, same box sized room, same expressionless face, but thats me. Ok, Im not buff, not chiseled adonis-style body, stomach still painfully noticable, but im getting there. Im 4 months into my 6 month exploration, again, Im trying to avoid the words ‘diet’ and ‘exercise’, its a change of […]